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If you need some extra money but don’t want to be faced with the stress and uncertainty that comes with re-mortgaging your property, a secured loan may be a fantastic choice for you.

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Is a secured loan right for you?

A secured loan is a great alternative to re-mortgaging your property. When applying for a secured loan, you’re required to secure the amount of money you’re borrowing against an asset of yours. The asset that is secured against the loan is usually your home, however it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Peace of mind with money

Castle Financial & Mortgage Services understand how difficult it is when you’re desperate for some extra money but you don’t know the safest and most effective way of doing it. We’re here to help you find the best, most cost effective and safest secured loan for you and your circumstances.

Alternative options

Although secured loans are a fantastic option when you’re looking for some extra cash, if they’re not for you, there are other options available. These include mortgages, equity release and lifetime mortgages.